Friday, October 5, 2012

We Have Been Chosen

Yesterday Professors Bob and Roger announced the three games that were chosen for production. They shared some feedback from the panel of industry professionals and it was rather insightful. Apparently none of the games piqued their collective interest enough to warrant a stamp of approval. I seem to remember that one of the panel members announced to Bob and Roger, "You shouldn't make any of these games." Well, thus we observe one of the benefits of indie development: we get to make a game that, at first glance, isn't appealing to AAA pros.

Cutting to the chase, our game, Attraction, was chosen! Along with Heroes of Rock and Ninja Royale, we received various team members from the other now-disbanded groups. Maybe I'm biased, but I feel we received the cream of the crop. We received some amazing talent and have a solid dev team. The following makes up our roster for the newly expanded Team Salty:

Kyle Chittenden - Team Lead
Becky Pennock - Art Lead
Jon Humphries - Design Lead
Brendan Wanlass - Engineering Lead
Tyson Anderson - Engineer
Paige Ashlynn - Engineer
David Hurst - Engineer
Andrew Jones - Engineer
Cory Haltinner - Artist
Evan Munro - Artist
Diana Ngo - Artist

We have a solid gameplay mechanic and are now designing theme, narrative and artistic style. I have no doubt that we will make a game that will surprise some of the nay-sayers and garner some interest in the indie community.

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