Monday, October 15, 2012

Entity System Architecture

Things are rolling along smoothly and in our team meetings we are pinning down a lot of important aspects of the game. One of those is the architecture we will be using for development in XNA. We will still be using the Farseer Physics engine but instead of an object-oriented approach, we will be using an entity-system approach. This seems to be the standard in most game shops and I am excited to become more proficient at it. Here are some links that illustrate ES:

Evolve Your Hierarchy
Entity System vs. OO Game Engine

Andrew has experience with this architecture and is helping to bring the rest of us up to speed.

For version control we are using git and TortoiseGit.

Things to watch for that are being worked on this week

  • Level Editor
  • Tool for modifying game constants during run time and see changes in real time
  • Menu System
  • Improved controls
After being sick all of fall break, I am ready to get to work. 

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