Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Project Management

In deciding which method to use for project management, we settled easily on an Agile process. Most of us have had experience with Agile and it seems to work very well.We are using 1-week long sprints and slicing up tasks into smaller tasks which can reasonably be completed within one sprint.

Our team has decided to use Asana for project and sprint management. It is a great web-based software that is absolutely free!

Asana in action
Asana has greatly helped us organize tasks and responsibilities as well as communicate quickly about important issues. Using a project management software is much more effective than simply using email or trying to keep track of things by hand.

Attraction Update:
Things are rolling along quite well and we just completed our first sprint! The following were done during sprint 1:

  • Menu system
  • Level XML serialization/deserialization
  • Basic level editor
Not bad for one week! This shows the power of dedicated team members and a good use of the Agile process.

For sprint 2 look forward to some actual level development and gameplay! Happy Halloween everyone!

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