Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Time To Get My Hands Dirty

The eight games that are to be prototyped have been selected. There were quite a few exciting game ideas presented last week and there are several that I would be happy to work on. I was placed on a team assigned with creating a prototype for a game we will refer to as Magnet Bot. YES!

The basic premise of this game is, a robot's girlfriend (yes, robots date each other) has been stolen and dissembled. Your job is to find her, put her back together and take down the baddies who stole her. Luckily, you have some nifty tricks up your robot sleeves that will help you do just that. Using your abilities to magnetically push and pull on metal you will be able to navigate various clever puzzles and hair raising challenges and find your long lost love.

I was immediately interested in the concept of this 2D puzzle platformer. It has potential to be a very clever game that will find a perfect home in the XBLIG market. We have a solid team of two artists and two programmers. Myself and my buddy Dave Hurst will tackle the code and our artists Jon Humphries and Cory Haltinner will take up the artistic content.

We have 4 weeks to create a catchy prototype that presents the game's potential and solidifies the fun factor.  Time to dive into XNA and see what we can do!

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