Saturday, September 22, 2012

Prototype Progress

Our team has made great progress on the prototype and we are feeling pretty confident in our game. We have settled on naming the game "Attraction." Who says puns can't be fun? Between the magnetic mayhem and relationship narrative, we feel it's a pretty fitting name.

Controls are tightening up, mechanics are improving and becoming more robust and we are almost completely finished with the level we are building for the prototype. Using Farseer Physics was a great idea and things are rolling smoothly. We hope the professors, students and other judges will be impressed!

Here are some screenshots of the game in its current state:

Launching yourself through the air with a Repel Magnet

A tricky puzzle that requires pulling yourself up then launching to the right

Swinging across a gap with an Attract Magnet

All loaded up in a bucket and ready to Repel yourself to safety

Using your sidekick's head to launch to new heights

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