Monday, April 22, 2013

E3, Salt Fest and EAE fest, OH MY!

This last Friday, we were able to submit Magnetic by Nature to the E3 / ESA 2013 student game competition. We were up till 2 am the night of, trying to get things ready. We are very happy with what we submitted and are hoping to get some great feedback! Will my dream of attending E3 come true? Only time (and a panel of epic judges) will tell...

We were also invited to demo our game and hold a panel at this year's Salt Fest on May 10-11th in Salt Lake City, Utah. This will be a fantastic opportunity to share our experience as student game developers and we are happy that a large group of people will get to demo our game. The game development scene in SLC is thriving and we are thrilled to be a part of it!

Finally, EAE fest 2013 is being held on April 23rd. This event is always a riot and it is amazing to see the incredible work coming out of the EAE program. Both undergrad and grad students will have the opportunity to show off the project's they've been working on all year.

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