Tuesday, December 11, 2012

EAE Opens its House

The EAE Masters Game Studio hosted their annual EAE open house last Thursday. It was a huge success and the house was packed. We were able to commandeer two iMacs to demo our fledgling game, Attraction, in its alpha phase of development. Typically, the senior capstone students don't demo their games at this event because they've only had mere 7 weeks of development time. We felt like we were  ready. The promise of real player feedback left us drooling and we couldn't pass up the opportunity.

The feedback was almost unanimously positive. People love the mechanic and are excited to see the full game this Spring. There was a plethora of helpful criticism and suggestions. A personal favorite comment: "Isn't this the game that was released a year or two ago?" No, Billy, it's a puny 7 weeks old. But it sure doesn't look like it. Great job artists!

A word to all game devs out there: Get your game play tested early and get it play tested often. The feedback is worth a school-bus-full-of-children's weight in gold.

The U of U's press release is here.

Checkout our gameplay trailer:

The Title Screen

A map overview

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